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Frequently Asked Questions:
I can’t remember my password, how can I get into the site?
Use the “Forgot Password” link on the homepage to have your password automatically emailed to you.

Do I have to use the bidding system?
No. This tool is optional.

Can I have more than one listing?
Yes. To add a new item, login and choose the “Add” button to create a new item listing.

Can I delete a listing?
Yes, you can delete your own listings within the administration page.

How can I cancel a bid?
Contact the seller.

Who pays for shipping?
The seller indicates shipping preference for each listing. Buyers and sellers should determine shipping arrangements before a sale is complete. See our “Shipping” section for shipping tips.

How do I edit my listing?
Once listings are active they can be edited at anytime by the seller. Simply login to the account and choose the edit icon to update listings. Be sure to hit “Save” and review to ensure the changes were accepted.